Saturday 18 February 2012

How did we get started?

Penny and I have owned Columbia River Kayak and Canoe ( for 5 years and from the beginning had the goal to expand from only a rental business to offering a variety of tours and programs, for the locals and tourists alike, to experience the the Columbia River and the Wetlands

I have been a flight instructor and flying/hiking guide since 1987 and really enjoy sharing my passion of nature, adventures and flying with others. I continuously research on an ongoing basis, how one can improve one's lifestyle, improve one's attitude towards life and in general, how to live a "full" and happy life.
For the past 15 years, I have worked as an entrepreneur in the IT industry, as a project manager and internet marketing consultant. I enjoy working in this constant changing industry and to evolve with the ongoing communication applications.

Penny has always been involved in a variety of sports. As a national and international athlete, a coach, a personal trainer, and a nutritionist and wellness consultant (Certified Can-Fit-Pro PTS and NWS), she brings an abundance of knowledge and experience with her. To enhance her credentials, as former co-owner of Canadian Mountain Experience, Penny organized group and individual sport and wellness travel packages for international traveller's.

Penny and I have 2 young children, who have enhanced our lives beyond imaginable. This last summer, we competed in the, considered to be one of the toughest adventure races in the World. As there is a huge amount of preparation and training, we realized how we had to work together as a team (family), and the result was the ability to race for over 2 weeks day and night, race as a team and be rewarded with the team with the best attitude.

Based on our race experiences, we have now held several presentations about the xAlps, in both Europe and Canada, for schools, various groups and clubs, and acted as a keynote speaker for large corporation's.
If you combine our experiences, passion for fun and adventure, and operating Columbia River Kayak & Canoe, it became obvious to offer "Team building" packages.
Paddling kayaks or canoes as a team, or paddle a 8 or 10 person canoe is already a good team builder. But with we add our knowledge and experiences to create fun geo-caching team building workshops (e.g. Geo cache your ingredients for a good campfire) in pristine suroundings of the Canadian Rockies and the Columbia River Wetlands.
We can cater to small and large groups, up to 80 people.

This is the start of our Team building blog. Keep coming back and see what we are going to do this season

Max & Penny